What are applications of bmx shorts produced by KAROOL?
Bmx shorts has fine attributes and contains a huge range of applications. It has received plenty of attention in the area. It has significant product attributes likely to result in broad customer adoption.

KAROOL SPORTS&LEISUREWEAR CO.,LTD is China's largest triathlon clothing leader. The bib shorts is one of the main products of KAROOL. The product stands out for its durability. With strong construction, it features impact resistance, which enables its mechanical components to withstand any kind of damage. Thanks to the fine stitch work, the product is firmly sewed, making it extremely strong. This product is considered to be one of the most promising products on the market. It has undergone anti-bacterial and anti-microbial treatment and is purely healthy.

We adhere to sustainable development. In our everyday operation, we try to adopt advanced production technologies to minimize our impacts on the environment.
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