What about the exports of KAROOL in recent years?
Over the years, the number of KAROOL SPORTS&LEISUREWEAR CO.,LTD products exported to overseas countries has steadily increased. By cause of the innovative engineering and the hard work of the best employees, we provide cheap polo shirts with excellent performance and continue to be widely recognized by customers. Due to this foreign trade coverage and infrastructure construction, we have the courage to develop our business to foreign markets and maintain a leading position.

KAROOL provides the integrating service of integrating design, production, sales and service of soccer kits. The fighter shorts is one of the main products of KAROOL. The cost-saving design phase of KAROOL bicycle jerseys reduces the production costs. It delivers superior warmth without weighing users down. This product has received more market attention and has considerable prospects for future applications. This kind of product is anti-wear and enjoys a long service life.

Our aim is heading Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) production approach. We endeavor to upgrade the production procedures to no breakdowns, no small stops or slow running, no defects, and no accidents.
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