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by:Karool     2020-07-10
China Zhou Dai has with birds of the hairiness made kale, otherwise known as the down dress. The usefulness of yak hair clothes wadding, Tang Dynasty from goose Plush do laundry quilt wadding material. China's down in the early 80's of last century at the introduction of the epidemic, the fabric quality and processing level is not high, the style is rather monotonous, the rate of cashmere low, along with large, bloated appearance, known as the bread. With the technology and advances in technology, down jacket is to become an important area of apparel component of the consumer's daily winter essential.
Down is mainly manifested in the creation of fashion, leisure, sports and personalization.
Fashion. Down develop into the mainstream. Better living conditions, people, the higher and the pursuit of gorgeousness. In recent years, the weather is getting warmer and warmer, various places the environment is more comfortable, warm is extended the sole reason for people wearing a down jacket. Inside the production technology, down jacket has both light and warmth can be created. Therefore, people pay more and more attention in the body, the lines today, down clothing unique texture and other clothing that can not be compared.
Leisure. Down again to product development and opened up a vast living area. In dress, people will be more particular about the colorful and randomness. Casual wear and easy, comfortable, casual, relaxed, reflecting the optimism of people try a better life and pleasure.
Movement of
Down jacket can be the new choices. With the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games approaching, the national sport will become a hot social everyday life. Sports warming will bring sportswear consumption seminal fluid. In the down jacket in an involving function, motor function will be more prominent, especially works with running, skiing, skating, ice hockey and the only thing other winter sports down jacket can favored.
Distinctive personality. Down jacket will be new in order to be a range of. Pay attention to the performance of personality, is a new era of consumer from the dress features a large, down jacket is no exclusion. As lovers, mother and son will be highly loaded down jacket consumers.
Brand expansion. Down the development of the domestic market only 20 years of history, but the quickly. Early 1980s, the annual domestic sales only jacket hundreds of a large number of pieces, and featuring reached 60 squillion. In recent years, intense competition between brands is strong.
According to statistics, at present countrywide key big city down clothing sales volume, market concentration degree is more and more high. The feather clothing sales landed 15.58% of total sales down clothing, has certain product sales in the first 10 brand, landed 40.13% of total sales down horrible. This shows that down clothing market in order to the excellent brand focus. With the growing competition within market, with the logo strength of the successful operation for the market, a number of relying on cheap to compete for your market share of small brands end up being put on the market, famous brand will dominate the market.
21st century, can precisely the feather industry 'shuffle' an important stage.
In addition, foreign brands have launched products down jacket, down jacket to sign the market competition in China. Foreign brand down outerwear market entry, will promote the Chinese brand down jacket to expand overseas market. Betiding, Duck, Sino by Victoria and other independent brands have taken the market to foreign development tempo.
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