the top 3 secrets to buying apparel

by:Karool     2020-05-08
On a trip to the back of your closet, you may find at least one terrible example of a garment purchase going wrong.
If your job is to buy for your company or organization, these tips will help avoid the stress of making the wrong choice.
You want to give a very valuable personal gift in the years to come.
When your client, prospect or employee walks to the back of their closet, you don\'t want your company\'s shirt to be hung in a place that doesn\'t fit and never wear it.
Why are you buying clothes?
To date, giving apparel to facilitate your business is a direct marketing product category with an estimated annual sales of $5. 6 billion.
Clothing accounts for nearly 30% of all promotions.
Your brand image is a magical combination of fashion, form and functionality.
Before you put your final plan into action, let\'s clear the mess and make your decision easier.
The function, gender style and quality of the fabric need to be considered in three aspects.
By focusing on these three areas, you can make better choices for your project and budget.
Next, I\'ll tell you about some common mistakes to avoid when buying clothing.
In the end, you will often see some answers --
Ask customer questions
Three tips for buying apparel1.
The popular clothing hot words now are performance clothing and performance brands.
What are you going to do with your clothes?
How will it be used?
Start with the end of the mind.
Buyers and non-companies
Profit groups are now looking for forms and functions as key considerations.
100% cotton has become the focus together with many synthetic fabrics such as performance clothing.
There are many properties of performance clothing:wrinkle, anti-fade, anti-pill, anti-shrink, anti-
Stretching, antibacterial and moisturizing
For example, this is a wicking.
This garment can withstand the hard use and continuous washing needs of activities such as restaurant attendants and construction workers.
Many sports and golf clothing collections use antibacterial fabrics to reduce the growth of bacteria caused by sweat.
Remember, waterproof, waterproof
Insect repellent does not mean the same thing.
Waterproof clothes are sewn.
Sealed, able to withstand specific water pressure and keep the wearer dry. Water-
Waterproof clothing is chemically treated to be waterproof.
Considered to be water
Insect repellent, fabric must be tested to resist penetration before and after washing and dry cleaning.
You may have heard of a very popular performance fabric called wet core suction.
This garment is made of synthetic materials and is intended to absorb moisture from the body.
For the same performance feature, pay attention to different names.
Clothing manufacturers brand their performance products.
There are only 4 examples here: ClimaCool-
Adidas\'s technology allows air to flow around clothing to help regulate body temperature. Cool FX -
Izod technology to disperse moisture on clothing. Dri-Fit: Nike water
Khan system to keep the wearer dry: Bella-
Elastic fabric of Alo2.
The styles and sizes of men and women are very different.
Many brands offer matching clothing for men and women.
The men\'s shirt is shaped straight through the torso, the shoulders lean slightly down from the collar, and the sleeves lean down.
Basic fit considerations for neck, shoulders and sleeves.
Men\'s sleeve length provides short or long sleeves to the wrist.
Men\'s short-sleeved shirts are worn on their arms for a longer period of time, with some styles from elbow to elbow.
The overall size of the oversized shirt is the same, but the size is larger.
Women\'s shirts are tailored to fit the natural shape of women and give them more comfort.
The waist cut makes the shirt lighter and more comfortable, and there will be no extra loose fabric bunches at the waist.
The sleeves are usually shorter and closer to the shoulders.
Some women\'s shirts have long sleeves, which is flattering for women as it shows the thinnest part of the arm while covering the upper arm.
Many women\'s shirts have slight hips at the waist.
Another key difference in women\'s clothing is the difference in chest size.
The burning clothing caters to the female features and can get better movement and comfort without stacking excess materials.
In addition to the custom silhouette, women\'s styles are shorter than men\'s shirts.
Another notable difference is that the women\'s shirt buttons were found on the left side of the doorway, while the men\'s shirt buttons were on the right.
When choosing the position of the decorative clothing, please pay attention to where the design will be displayed on the body.
Many experienced buyers try to stay away from chest signs when dressing women. 3.
Garment quality is distinguished by three factors: Fabric type, structure and dimensional stability.
Why does better quality clothing last longer?
The dimensional stability is reasonable;
Clothes resist a tendency to shrink or deform after washing.
Quality clothing will keep its desired shape over and over again.
See the quality from inside the garment.
You will see double.
Better clothes have needle thread, two rows of parallel seam together.
Look at the neck and shoulders of the shirt and you will find an inch of fabric sewn at the seams inside.
Tape neck seams, tape shoulder seams and double-pin hems secure seams to help the garment maintain its shape and provide a more perfect look. Clothing weight (
Light, medium and heavy weight)
Not the best indicator of clothing quality.
The weight is about 4 ounces.
Fabric per yard;
About 5 ounces of medium weight.
The heavyweight is about 6 ounces.
The weight of the fabric will also vary.
For example, often-seen white t-
Many famous brands have a price of 5 ounces for shirts. and a 6 oz. weight.
While lightweight clothes are more economical, the white T-shirt is a bit transparent and exposed.
On the other hand, the ultra-popular Armour brand takes t-
Slim shirt style using very light weight performance fabric.
Look for the \"no curl\" collar on your golf shirt when choosing a dress;
Choose the \"anti-pill\" wool on your hooded jumper.
If you choose a performance fabric, make sure that your decoration technology does not affect the performance of the garment.
Four major mistakes to avoid when buying apparel1.
Don\'t expect too much champagne in the beer budget.
If you are buying clothes with the lowest cost, don\'t expect it to endure a lot of wear and frequent washing. 2.
Unisex clothing if you want to wear, enjoy and see this clothing instead of stuffing it into the back of the drawer, please pay special attention to the size and style of the purchase.
Take a closer look at the cut, cut and size of men and women.
Not all T-shirts are the same.
You will see significant differences between major brands.
For those of you who are tall, you may need styles that include up to 5XL sizes and longer sleeve lengths. 3.
Use our expertise to equate fabric weight with quality.
Samples are required to compare the fabric.
Looking for architecture and manufacturing inside. Popular t-
The shirt and Jersey brand offers a variety of weight and fabric blends. 4.
To be new and different people, remember the wearer and the theme of your show.
Make the clothing practical, well made, suitable for the wearer, suitable for the season or use.
Look for decorative options to make the general clothing novel and unique.
Consider packaging, presentation and distribution to make your project more extraordinary and memorable. FAQ\'s -
Frequently Asked Questions and Answers 1.
What decoration technology works best for my clothing?
First, determine whether the clothing is used as an incentive or a promotion.
The customer chooses the status brand in the incentive plan because of the high perceived value and encourages positive action.
It is clothing, not signs, that attract people\'s attention more.
Decorative techniques include embroidery, decals, screen printing, digital printing, laser etching or multimedia (
Drill, nail, or crystal transfer).
The type of clothing and fabric usually determines the best way to decorate it.
For example, it is not possible to sew very thin performance clothing, so screen printing with special ink must be used.
Embroidery is recommended for the reward program and brand clothing.
The most recent trend is to use colorson-
A more discrete position of color, Hue line and logo.
This subtle decoration creates a high sense of value.
Personalize administrative gifts using letter combinations. 2.
Should I buy a brand or a non-brand? Brand clothing?
If your budget is top priority, then useBrand clothing.
Private label factory brands usually cost less, distribution channels open, designed for decoration and produced according to your buying habits.
Due to the brand assets, the cost of brand clothing is usually higher, and distribution is sometimes limited.
There may also be quantity requirements for purchases, and several brands have logo restrictions.
We recommend that whenever you promote your brand or company, align your brand with a brand that meets your quality commitments. 3.
What do you need to know about eco
Friendly clothes?
This new product category is in great demand.
Like in supermarkets, the price of organic and natural clothing will be higher.
Many factories with brands and their own brands offer eco-friendly products.
Conscious style. Buying eco-
Friendly Clothing makes your business responsible for the environment.
Environmental clothing should be sustainable.
Sustainable Clothing is characterized by the use of certified organic natural fibers (
Wool, cotton, linen)
Use highly renewable fibers (bamboo, soy)The use of low-
Affects the use of synthetic or regenerated fibers
Toxic or reduced
Processing and treatment of toxic fibers
Design and color choices that impact or nature, designed to extend life, rather than outdated fair trade, ethical labor practices planned, and elimination of child labor and other development activities, reducing the life cycle or the environment as a whole
Natural fabric: organic cotton, bamboo, natural silk, coconut, recycled polyester.
Many sustainable clothing products and fibers enhance their performance with moisture absorption, sweat removal and antibacterial properties. Eco-
Friendly decor: trend of using organic cotton thread, more waterbased screen-
Printing and digitalprint dyes.
Learn how different decorative options react to natural fabrics.
One of the best reasons to have a trusted consultant is to recommend the best quality and performance style within budget.
We also offer special packaging suggestions and decorative options to create an unforgettable theme for your show.
Clothes are constantly changing and we strive to make your work easy.
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