sketchbook for cycling jerseys

by:Karool     2020-05-11
I really like to ride a bike!
I go to school by bike and if I don\'t work on a school project, I may work on a bike.
I am also a student of product design, so if you combine these two things, the result is that I created this little sketch with a template to design my own bike jersey! -
Knife, knife, exacto-knife, . . . -clear tape-glue -
Thin cardboard (
The one I used was actually a box of cereal. -
You will find the template for belowTo to draw the template, I used the drawing on the page of bierger.
On this site you can design your own bike jersey and they will make it for you.
I took a screenshot of the web page and we need it in the next steps.
It is important to decide the size of the template before drawing anything.
My sketchbook is 14x21.
6 cm, so I took a template of 10x20 cm.
Then draw a rectangle of 10x20 cm in Illustrator and put the screenshot in it.
Simply pen-
Tool for drawing screenshots.
Tip: draw half of each screenshot and use the mirror-function.
I \'ve done this already, so you can print the template that is included in this structure, if you want.
If you want to draw this yourself, make sure your shorts are as big as your bike shirt!
Print template (
Or you designed it yourself.
Stick it to the back of the cardboard.
I can\'t stick the template.
The printed face of the cardboard, because this is a better side of the glue.
Then cut the remaining cardboard and bring it through by sticking transparent glue on each side of the rectangle.
This ensures that the paper will stick to the cardboard at any time and make it stronger.
Now you need to remove all the black lines of the template.
I added those blue dots to the template.
These are hand drawn and mark the place where you didn\'t cut the black line.
This way the template is not divided into several parts. (
See photos 3 and 4)
If your templates are ready, you can use them in your sketchbook.
As shown in Figure 2, place your sketchbook in portrait mode for the best format.
Photo 3 is the result after I use the template and PHOTO 4 is the final result when I connect all the lines. That\'s it!
You can store the template on the back of the sketchbook.
Also, make sure that when you use a marker or anything with ink, you put an extra piece of paper under the page you are drawing. (
So you don\'t get stuck like I do.
View last photo)
Ask questions or comments as usual?
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