Running in Cold Weather

by:Karool     2020-07-19
People are afraid of running in winter or cold weather. To make running smooth, you need to know some theory about winter running first. This article will help you along with cold running easier.Humidity is not really a problem itself, the rationale humidity becomes problem simply because will indirect cause troubles when running. When your humidity arrives 100% and no wind, sweat can not evaporation. In this case, the body may be overheated. If you would asses the humidity by wet bulb thermometer. If it exceed 70 degrees, could hard for games; if for example the eighty degrees, then it doesn't matter how light the athletes are, this is almost the largest limit.Although sometimes cold makes one feel uncomfortable, even the cold is not a colossal problem. Just a little experience and attention on the recommendations, it is not hard to be comfortably in any climate. The most important is that not wearing too much.
When it is crazy blizzard outside, it is actually to restrain yourself to be able to wear a sweater or wear a pair of ski gloves. Of course, if you wear thin, you will just feel cold outside, but within minutes, you will sweat; like the rain in tropical rain forest. National Research Council of Canada's experiment shows that if put to a stationary person in seventy degrees the climate was warm and comfortable clothing, you may make a five degrees below zero weather warm for man.So it is crucial wear less in winter, to make warm is sufficient. You will soon find that wear less clothes is the perfect thing, because less can running easily and don't add extra trouble for running. But attention please, to some days, the weather may become worse since you're running on the rd.
If you are clear of home, and the weather become colder, you will feel uncomfortable. Stephen Richardson recommended wear a nylon shirt to deal with changing weather. The clothing is light, can be stuffed into pocket or around his waist, it can keep from cold realistically.To avoid lower body temperature caused by sweat evaporation. When you start running, you would run toward wind, and back along with the wind. You may feel extreme happy running within the wind, no matter how cold the weather is, and you may feel cold running toward wind power.If you know the mechanism of human resisting cold, so winter running wear problems can simply be solved. The main task of body is in order to maintain head and body adequately warm. If the temperature is exceed, that might be a problem; your body will produce extra heat in any conditions, even reduce the heat of fingers and toes. Ultimately opposite, extra heat get transported to other body parts if the head and the body is warm enough. The notion that us a clear lesson: Always wear head and body to keep warm. Can wear a thick wool hat, put on enough clothes to protect the chest, abdomen and spine. Experiments made by doctor from University of Wisconsin proved that only when body keep warm, they'll not shaking with cold. When he let their fingers and toes keep warm, and let their bodies in the cold, started to tremble.
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