rear pocket camera mount

by:Karool     2020-05-11
This is a camera holder using the back pocket of the bike jersey.
Gray part (
A PVC pipe)
Slide tightly in the back pocket of the jersey.
Metal bars fix the camera like clips.
If your bike is technically good and you don\'t have a sprint and your pelvis is fairly stable, this simple device will produce surprisingly clear pictures.
The premise is that your bike jersey fits well (= tight).
It costs almost nothing and weighs a little more than the Mars stick.
* UPDATE *: can now be used on wwwcameraclip. eu ! ! !
* A diameter of 125mm (4,9 inch)
* Shell of old CDplayer (
Or tuner or computer, as long as the metal is thick enough).
* 2 bolts and nuts, 4mm threads (0,16 inch).
* A Jersey suitable for riding (tight).
* Camera with interval settings.
Picture 1 measure the size of your jersey pocket.
Cut the PVC pipe into the appropriate length and width so that it is securely installed in the back pocket.
The total length is 15 cm (5,9 inch)
11 cm wide (4,3 inch)
It will be right.
Please note that the largest part of your pocket can still store your stuff due to curvature.
Figure 2 smooth edges of pipes.
Trim the tube into a slender shape (optional).
Pictures 1 and 2 Take the case of the CD player and list the size of the camera.
A considerable length of articles (
Can be cut to the appropriate length later).
The length of the strip is at least 13 cm (5,1 inch)
25mm width (1 inch).
Picture 3 cut camera holder and strip.
Drill holes for camera screws (
6mm thread, 1/4)
Two holes. 4mm).
Figure 1 using the workbench, fold the 90 degree angle at the bottom of the bar (accurately! )
The Folda 90 degree angle is right above the 4mm holes.
Fold again, accounting for the thickness of the PVC pipe.
The straps can now be cut to a precise length.
Picture 2 install the edge of the stripe around the PVCpipe and drill the upper hole through the PVC pipe while pressing the stripe down with your thumb or tie.
Install the first nut and bolt.
A second repetition.
This tape will bend naturally.
Install the camera, tighten the screws and fix them with tie bands.
First Bike Ride: ask someone to check the position and angle and adjust slightly by bending the strap if necessary.
Power saving camera settings: 1.
Screen brightness: lowest (1). 2.
Picture review: off3Sound: off. 4.
Auto off: 30 seconds.
Set the interval of 60 seconds.
With these settings, I can take more than 250 photos with one battery pack.
More than 3 hours of riding time.
Good picture guide: 5. Wide angle (35 mm). 6.
60 seconds apart
Synchronize the clock of the camera with the clock of the bicycle computer.
And then you know when to take a picture (
So you don\'t have to lead this bag all day! ). 7.
When the weather is cloudy: corrected sensitivity ASA @ 200.
This often increases the shutter speed and gives a clearer picture.
\"ASA auto\" often results in a low ASA value, reducing the shutter speed. 8.
Autofocus: the center of the venue, especially when you take photos of people riding at the same speed.
When the speed goes up, the focus based on the \"average field\" will confuse the camera. 9.
Reduce vibration and motion detection: this may help if a slightly higher shutter speed is selected.
However, most of these options are designed to compensate for the vibration when shooting from your hand.
If the vibration on your bike is very different, turning on these options can backfire (
Read your manual). 10.
Like general photography: try riding to the sun for better photos.
So when you ride with the sun on your back: Stay in your backpack and save your energy.
Once the group turns to the Sun, grab your chance.
My experience is that the composition of 95% photos is correct and about 75% photos are clear (
Aluminum racing with high rim and 8 bar tire pressure can be unforgivable)
If you set the interval to 60 seconds, you will come home with a lot of great photos.
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