PUMA Wearing Puma Walking Happily

by:Karool     2020-07-20
PUMA, a brand name of sprots equipment which can famous around the world, founded in Herzogenaurach,German, in the year of 1948. It's an international company which involved in the business of shoes production and sports utilize.And the founder is Rudolf Dassler.
PUMA shoes and clothing are welcomed in society of hip-hop and graffiti culture, topic in or out men and women. PUMA and Adidas presented the hip-hop culture in 1970 and 1980.
PUMA has a history of 61 years in the field of Sports Apparel and hold a first-line charisma and influence in globe. PUMA's five decades of history was written the particular great movement of accomplishments. PUMA accompany football legend Billy into World Cup championship finals, accompanying tennis pro Baker in Wimbledon. Utilizing the top athletes cooperation and constantly strive for the latest technologies to make the best sports equipment. Founder Rudolf Dassler in 1948 established PUMA this German brand, PUMA Shoes have athletics functions, in current times more successful combination of sport, becoming one for the favorite brand that the youth resembling.
Herzogenaurach (lotus SuoJin labor le city), located in southern Germany state of Bavaria, planet 19th century, or an unknown town, the main economic traditional clothing industry, but today, because of the world-famous sporting goods - PUMA PUMA 'company' headquarters, and attracted much attention.
Puma is 1998 until 2003 sports rainments market sales and profits within the fastest growing brand, growth rates for six years more than two digits. Surprisingly, 2002 puma in the states advertising cost was only 390 million US dollars, while inside of same year, Nike's advertising spending was 120 million dollars, and Reebok's expenditures for 40.30 million dollars.
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