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by:Karool     2020-07-20
Sport is an involving life attitude, this is a philosophy of life that proposed by Puma. Sport is a part of whole life, and a lot more a kind of disposition. I have always cherished a saying, 'We must believe need to have now, in favorable or adverse circumstances, could be the best arrangement for us.' We pursue ideal, and although we fail, we may get more important findings in scientific field. The key point is our attitude toward the result.
In 1948, Rudolf Dassler established Puma as a German sports brand. A good deal now, it has 63 years old. Through the sustainable development in several decades, Puma occupies issue in determining position in sports group all the time. Recently years, Puma successfully combined fashion and sports as a whole. It promote Puma in order to one of the favorite brand for young people. Although Puma has a long history as a well-known sports apparel brand, it not outdated, but keeps pace with time due to pursuing continuous innovation.
The great sports achievement witnessed the glorious reputation of Puma. It not only accompanys The King Pele for the final for this World Cup, but also supports netman Beck win victory in the tennis grassland of Wimbledon. Puma cooperates with the best athlete, in order to complete the best sports equipment.
Puma can combine Professional sports and fashion trends so successfully because in the top international design nfl team. Now the creative director of Puma is Neil Barrett, who has been the senior men's clothing designer in Gucci and Prada. Meanwhile, international famous model Christy Turlington, which also a senior yoga coach, establishes a close relationship with Puma. Puma have realized three breakthrough, that is renovation, taste and fashion, which highlight the characteristics of considerating both daily leisure and professional sports.
The shoes and cloth of Puma are welcomed by young people ever. By now, the products of Puma are exported to more than 80 conntries. In 2003, send out assets reached 1.2 billion euros. Herzogenaurach is a city in the southern German state of Bavaria. Your past end of 19th century, it was an obscure town. Its pillar of economy was traditional clothing industry. Yet now, it attracts much attention because that it is planet famous sporting goods - PUMA's company headquarters.
From 1998 to 2003, Puma was the fast-growing brand in sales and profits of the sports apparel market. Its rate of growth increases by around 10% for 6 years. To our own surprise, but the advertising expense of Puma is less than other famous sports cloth brand. For instance, in 2002, Puma spent 3.9 million dollars in advertise, but in the same year, the advertising expense of Nike was 120 million dollars. Contrasting their expenses, we learn that Nike's expense was additional 30 times than Puma's.
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