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by:Karool     2020-07-08
Can someone explain if you why it seems employ a professional sports team has either changed their colors, added to their colors or adopted the dreaded alternate uniform, in Black!
It is a trend that quite frankly has irritated me for many years now. I know I shouldn't be that concerned about such trivial matters given that color scheme of a few pro sports teams, specially in light of all economic independence survey and political chaos in this particular country, but I am. Sports are about tradition and tradition has always been about building something meaningful and being proud of the you are and the come from.
I did not reach my level of concern without first trying to be aware and adapt to today's trend in pro sports apparel. I considered that black may be slimming and, that alone will be a legitimate reason to adopt the color. However tactic of reasoning soon left my mind when I gazed upon Warren Sapp looking just as fat in Raider silver and black as he did in Buccaneer red and pewter. We'll discuss pewter later!
I know my disgust will not really enough to cause a sufficient ground swell of emotions to overturn this trend in sports fashion, and I realize that there may be some who disagree with my viewpoint. So, let me bring some solid factual insight to this matter.
Let's start a concern . NFL.
Sometime after the 1990's the Philadelphia Eagles began to wear black. At first they began subtly adding it via trim and then openly began wearing a black alternate jersey. The Eagles are a proud and historic franchise that dates to 1933. Their team colors have for ages been green and white, sure they added a splash of silver in the 1970's, but in the victorian era the disco era and it was understated and tastefully done. Clad in the traditional green and white they played in three consecutive NFL championship games from 1947-1949, winning twice, 1948 and the late 1940's. The colors would lead them to another championship in 1959. Wearing black the Eagles reached can be Championship game 5 times in eight years (2001-2008), losing 4 times - the oto they were successful they lost the super Bowl. They were arguably the better team and at home for several guys games - blame the black.
The Detroit Lions entered the NFL in the 1930's sporting the colors Honolulu blue and silver. Why you'd ever want to mess with Honolulu blue is a puzzle, but let's stick with facts and save the commentary for in the evening. Sporting their traditional colors, the Lions won NFL Championships in 1935, 1952, 1953 and 1957. Now I know they've had a little dry spell which lasted some fifty years now, but adding black has provided them with eight consecutive losing months. It's not the answer.
Other examples would include the Baltimore Ravens, Super Bowl Champs in purple. In black, nothing but disappointment. Teams are actually also kidding themselves would be the Carolina Panthers; together with what the Carolina blue please. The Atlanta Falcons, sure they made the Super Bowl when they switched to primarily black uniforms, but it resulted in defeat, to the Denver Broncos, who were the worst Super Bowl performing team in history to it point - get back on red and stay true to yourselves boys. Jacksonville, go back to the blue, black will slow you down in the hot Florida sun - I'm just statement.
The only teams that are approved to wear black in the NFL are the Oakland Raiders, the Gambling and the New orleans saints. Bengal fans settle down, your team always be thrown out within the league for the tiger striped horror show that appears every Sunday a tv personality screens across America, trumped only in the 'creamsicle' orange alternate uniforms adopted not too long ago.
Let's examine our national pastime, Mlb for a short time.
Allowed to wear black include the Chicago White Sox, the Detroit Tigers and the Pittsburgh Pirates - easy steps. I acknowledge there is a gray area with the Baltimore Orioles, Florida Marlins, Colorado Rockies and Region Giants, but what makes fashion sense in baseball is to be traditional and wear white at home and gray on the. Some suggestions would are the following; Orioles, I'm fine with black as 1 / 3 uniform for you, but truth be known in the 1970's when you first opted to have a third uniform you chose orange. Maybe you should be made to live with this decision. Marlins, black is part of your original color scheme of a beginning, although you look more professional typically the blue uniforms. Rockies just wear the purple and Giants you also took the road of the Orioles and chose orange in the 1970's.
Wearing black for no apparent reason, the Toronto Blue Jays, winners of back to back World Series in 1992 and 1993 wearing their traditional sky blue uniforms and in black, nothing but losing.
The Arizona Diamondbacks seemed to have visited their senses as an organization, after having dabbled experimented with looks over the years, much like the dreaded black uniform; they appear to have settled on red to be a primary color and it looks sharp. Kudos to the D-backs.
The Ohio Mets entered the National League in 1962 and pronounced themselves 'the team' for each of the former Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants fans, who lengthier had a team to call special. They even made an issue of announcing that these adopting the shades blue (in honor in the Dodgers) and orange (in honor of this Giants). Wearing those colors they would win entire world Series in 1969 and 1986. Then for unkown reasons early in this decade, they adopted black into their color idea. Perhaps they thought black will make them look tougher! In October of 2000 the Mets found themselves in the world Series again this time against their cross-town rival Yankees, they probably most responsible for hastening the demise among the Dodgers and Giants in New York during the 1950's. The Mets lost, of course, black globe uniforms find fault and the looking tougher, well that theory decided the window when Roger Clemens fired a piece of Mike Piazza's broken bat at him and Piazza and the Mets did absolutely nothing about things! Perhaps yellow may have been a right color choices.
The NBA is absolutely ridiculous reveal exactly reluctant to experience my hypertension levels any higher than necessary, so lets let it rest at this, the San antonio Spurs your only team that always be wearing black in the NBA, menstrual period!
The Celtics, Knicks, 76ers and Bulls should know better in order to mess with success. The Kings are likely just attempting to toughen up after being called the 'Queens' several years ago by Shaquille O'Neal. Recognize now that doesn't work - see Piazza and the Mets. The Miami Heat should stick to red, the Orlando Magic, blue and also the Utah Jazz, purple. The Portland Trail Blazers switched to black from red and now lead the league in arrests - your team colors are red; note your 1977 NBA championship team.
Hockey sadly has might be same issues.
The Philadelphia Flyers with one of the most distinct uniforms in the league, orange trimmed in black and white, won Stanley Cups in 1974 and 1974. In this decade they have bowed on the trend and adopted a black work uniform. The Flyers of the 1970's certainly didn't bow to trends, in fact they fostered a standing of going against trends on NHL checked out new generation of Flyers should adopt the same stance.
The Chicago blackhawks have traditionally sported, things i believe to get the nicest uniform in hockey. They get a pass here though, as originally they wore predominantly more black than red and won Stanley Cups clad within red and black outfits. A pass also goes to the Ottawa Senators and the Tampa Bay Lightning, though I like them better in red and blue respectively.
The Flames should not have deviated contrary to the red and yellow that brought them a Stanley Cup in 1989. United states television Capitals want better nowadays in their new federal blue uniforms - nice job. The Dallas Stars, cup winners in 1999 wearing green, have done nothing wearing black. The Anaheim Ducks or Mighty Ducks - forget it, they end up being thrown right out of the league for good having been known as compared to the Mighty Other poultry.
Approved to use black in the NHL, the Boston Bruins and the Pittsburgh Penguins. Of course with everything there can be an exception into the rule and the Penguins are it. They originally entered the NHL in 1967 wearing powder blue and black. In 1979 they legitimately adopted the colors black and gold enable keep themselves in line with the city's other two sports residents, the Pittsburgh steelers and the Pittsburgh Helps make pirates. The Steelers had won four Super Bowl Titles at that point and also the Pirates had just won their fifth World Fertility cycles. The Penguins had suffered through seven losing seasons associated with first few years. Since the plunge to black and gold possess won three Stanley Cups.
Checking the 'tale within the tape', teams stated, wearing traditional uniforms have won 15-championships, when switching to black uniforms nothing! The Penguins are excluded, remember I legitimized them. So facts are facts and numbers as well. If weight are not healthy to make a success in professional sports maintain your teams operating in the 'black' and playing in their traditional vivid.
By the way, 1 of you who read this and believed to yourselves, 'the Chicago Bears and New york ny Yankees wear black the particular husband forgot to cover them.' They wear blue - and that is certainly a topic for a later date!
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