Mountain Horse Equestrian Boots

by:Karool     2020-07-23
Mountain Horse is a Swedish family run equestrian clothing company who design and manufacture a number of horse riding clothing and footwear. Their equestrian boots are well renowned and are one of the biggest brands of horse riding boot currently available.
The company was cranked up in 1988 by Lars Sjosvard to provide riding boots. Lars had experience in footwear and are unable to find reason in method horse riding boots were designed, based on standard footwear. As an experienced rider he knew far too well that horse riding requires a certain involving footwear, something tailored to the movement and pressures placed upon the feet while riding.
The first Mountain Horse riding boot was the Winter Rider, technically crafted to the needs of the modern horse rider. Lars produced the boot to keep the feet and toes of his young daughter, Catherina, warm your harsh Swedish winters. With Catherina's help, and time, Lars produced the Winter Rider.
Lars' eldest son Bertil joined the company in 1992, and already had an abundance of related knowledge under his belt having worked in the running shoe industry for a certain period. The technical aspects of the running shoe and the most comfortable engineered insoles was applied to the Mountain Horse boot, something which had not been done before. Suddenly a boot existed on the equestrian market which provided durability, warmth, and comfort.
Later Lars' younger son, Rolf, also joined the company and now supervises all footwear development. Catherina is the Strategic Brand Manager, and Bertil is currently the acting Managing Director, making Mountain Horse a truly family built companies.
Due to the success of the horse rising boots the Sjosvards produced, Mountain Horse were able to be to produce high caliber cold weather riding apparel, and additionally produced a great three-season wear in order to keep the wearer dry and comfortable in all periods. The company has since gone in order to manufacture many more forms of equestrian clothing including breeches, boots, accessories, and jackets.
The Mountain Horse High Rider boot continues to viewed as a firm favourite of riders across Europe, America, and further afield. The classic High Rider boot is a durable, all purpose boot known for its comfortable fit. Are usually a staple a wardrobe of many horse riders not necessarily for these qualities but also for their attractive design, reasonable price, and technology not available on all horse riding boot brands. The trademarked Aergozone shocks are present your heel and front sole of the classic High Rider boot which reduces strain and trauma in the knees and back, as well just like the feet and shins. The boots also contain an uniquely designed steel shank which works but now shock absorbing system to increase support, and a removable insole system to aid stimulate blood circulation in the foot.
From small beginnings Mountain Horse established themselves as technological leaders in the joy of horse riding boots and other equestrian apparel. Their tools are widely available in stores and across the online world and continue to turn into a leader in their field.
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