light for life: glowing button cycling jacket

by:Karool     2020-05-09
Not everyone wants to look like an athlete while cycling to work or going to school. This cycling-
The jacket is made of hemp and wool and comes with many shiny LEDs.
It looks as good as day and night.
Embed the Arduino Lilypad electronics into the jacket and it is practical because it looks beautiful!
The project includes textiles and some electronic products.
I used the following tools to make the jacket :-sewing machine-sewing needles-seam ripper-
Enough cloth for jackettape measure-pins-
Sewing lines of different colors
16 translucent button selection tools/devices :-multimeter-
Conductive sewing wire,
2 Lilypad buttons-
Lilly, in Bart pi ya ke6 red 3mm LED-
6 Orange 3mm LED-
2 White 3mm LED-
The project began to be simple;
Buy a jacket that you like and I\'m running sports --jacket.
You can use this jacket at will or take it apart with a ripper.
When the jacket is taken apart, quickly iron the parts, especially the seams, to make it easier to transfer the pattern to the textile.
For my jacket, I used three different textiles, hemp denim (500gsm), Hemp canvas (300gsm)
Wool jersey (200gsm).
Denim on the front and back, canvas on the arm and wool under the arm.
Open the seam and lay the parts on the textile.
Outline the part with a tailor chalk or colored pencil and cut the pattern with a sharp pair of scissors.
Make sure the double layer is laid with textiles to get two parts with the same mirror image (
For the same).
Full instructions on how to assemble and sew a dress, I will recommend another tutorial on this website.
This is my first sewing project and my skills are limited.
I have assembled this jacket.
I mainly use the seams of jeans and have strong polyester thread.
This made it a strong dress.
The original jacket is running.
The jacket, with a thin mesh underneath the arms, keeps the body cool with sweat.
I replaced this with a comfortable thin wool fabric.
When sewing this thin wool with coarse linen, be sure not to stretch the cloth.
I have to unhook the seams more than once and I assure you that it\'s a bit of a task to open the seams on fine wool!
The jacket is now sewn together and the zipper is not included and it\'s time to start planning the electronics, which basically makes the jacket a big circuit --board.
I suggest you draw a simple semantics to place the electrical parts on your jacket.
I decided to put 12 colored lights in the back, 3 in pairs and 2 white lights in front. A push-
Buttons on each arm to activate the light.
It is important to keep in mind that the lead wires, usually made of polyester and stainless steel, do have a lot of resistance.
I measured the pr for 14 ohms. 30cm (or 1\' foot)on my 4-
Lay the head compared to the standard 1mm wire less than 0. 5 ohm.
The output voltage of the Arduino Lilypad is 5v and the output voltage is 40 mA.
Keep the LEDs at the right distance from the motherboard, and you don\'t need to use a resistor.
This is a simple LED calculator. The standard 3mm LEDs are equipped with an epoxy lens to guide the light in one way.
Wipe the lens with sandpaper so you have only the metal core left. Caution!
If you look closely, you will find a small metal wire above the light source and don\'t wipe it off!
In a local shop, I found some simple translucent buttons, 14 lights and 2 buttons.
Use mounting or hand-held power tools to make a small hole where the LED makes the most sense.
My hole is 6mm in diameter and 2mm in depth.
I put a hole under the button. holes.
Bend the legs on the LED so that they point in the same direction as the light and the legs are placed in the position where the button is locatedholes are.
To make it look better, cut two small grooves from the LED hole to the button
Hole, one for each leg.
The reason for this is that you will later sew the buttons on the jacket with a guide wire.
The guide wire will be connected to the led lamp leg and-
Let them shine!
Remember: the longest leg on the normal LED light is.
Place all LEDs in the same way, it will be easier for you!
After getting all the LED buttons ready and the schematic on hand, it\'s time to start sewing with a guide wire. The 4-
Laying the guide wire is placed in the bottom line and there is a cotton or polyester line at the top of the sewing machine.
I have measured all the lengths and have about 20 cm extra lengths on each end.
I decided to put the motherboard and battery on the inside in front of the jacket.
All the lights at the back of the jacket are three to one.
This means that each part has a monthly connection and each pinM digitalW pinM digitalWpinM pinM}
If (mode == NIGHT)
else }
Return of void checkL; }}leftT }}
Return of void checkR; }}rightT }}
If void leftT digitalW (
DigitalR digitalW returns; }}
DigitalW if (
DigitalR digitalW returns; }}digitalW }}
Void rightT digital if (
Return by DigitalR digitalW; }}
If DigitalW (
Return by DigitalR digitalW; }}
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