how mountain biking gear works

by:Karool     2020-05-10
Bicycle shorts must have very important functions.
Otherwise, why would anyone wear this tight-fitting atrocity in public?
It turns out that \"tight\" is the key word.
Bike shorts are actually designed as a second skin.
They are made of a synthetic polyester material known as \"sweat removal\", which can remove moisture from the skin.
Sweaty fabric helps keep your body cool during a long, hot ride.
In cold weather, moisture on the skin causes the body temperature to dropsource: REI].
Bike shorts also have an important role to play: protect your privacy.
During the long ride, some very sensitive parts of the body rub the seat of the bicycle.
Bike shorts have a special panel called chamois designed to reduce friction and wick moisture away from these areas.
When we talk about this topic, bike shorts should not be worn with underwear, especially cotton underwear, which absorbs moisture [Source: palace].
Bikers in the mountains often choose bagels bike shorts instead of skinstight versions.
Road racers like super tight shorts because they reduce the wind resistance.
This is not a concern for mountain bike enthusiasts [Source: palace].
These loose shorts still have an internal layer close to the skin to reduce friction and control moisture.
But loose shorts provide better protection in the fall and are more durable.
Mountain bike jerseys are mainly about temperature control. For warm-
Weather rides, looking for a lightweight polyester material that absorbs moisture when things get really sweaty and has a zipper in front.
Riding in winter requires layers and layers of thinking.
You want the sweat layer close to the skin, then the insulation layer like wool, and then the waterproof shell [source: REI].
If you want to try downhill racing or ski free, all you need is more than a thin layer of polyester to protect you.
In the next section, we will discuss mountain bike armor.
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