Fresh Mr America Bankrupt, Diseased and Running

by:Karool     2020-07-14
With a military rifle in one hand and 17 dollars of prescription medications in the other, the new 'Mr. America' is over-fed, under-nourished, over-medicated, over-spent and 'over there' (waging war the actual Middle East). And soon, with Obama's new disease care reform proposals, America will find itself destitute and diseased, unable to climb out of the medication dependence pit it has dug for itself.
See the political cartoon on this topic here:
To realise why this holds true from financial point of view, take a peek at these numbers:
If you read specific federal afford 2009, can be an astonishing $3.1 trillion. The scale of numerous itself is mind-boggling, but it is even more disturbing as soon as you realize exactly how much of the federal finances are spent on these three things:
In fact, let me ask you this question right now: What area of the payday advance do believe is spent on these three things? War, Disease and Debt.
Is it 10 portion? Twenty-five percent? Fifty for every cent?
Keep sure.
Of course, if you actually work in Washington, you won't even describe these as 'War, Disease and Bill.' Instead, you call them:
It all sounds much more pleasing when phrased that choice. But these terms are intentionally fake. We're not really 'defending' our way into Iraq, Afghanistan and seventy-five other countries where has got a military presence. Paying for 'health care' doesn't have anything to complete with health (it's all about disease). Individuals who say spending more debt money to 'help the economy' are mathematical retards. It is get yourself out of debt by spending more money (even though V.P. Joe Biden insists you is likely to.).
So you ready for the actual range?
It's an eye-opener. Regularly percentage of the U.S. pay day loans spent on WAR, DISEASE and Debt is 87 per.
Here's the way it breaks down according to publicly-available numbers: (Source =,_2009 )
Total U.S. Federal Budget for 2009: $3.1 trillion
WAR: Department of Defense ($515.4 billion) + War on Terror ($145.2 billion) + Dept. of Veterans Affairs ($44.8 billion) + Dept. of Homeland Security ($37.6 billion) = $743 billion
DISEASE: Medicare ($408 billion) + Medicaid ($224 billion) + Dept. of Health and Human Services ($70 billion) =$702 billion
DEBT: Debt to the people: Social Security ($644 billion), Social Security Administration ($8.4 billion), Welfare ($360 billion) and Interest on National Debt ($260 billion) = $1,272 billion
(Note: Can not even include the financial cost with the War on Iraq possibly the War in Afghanistan, as those are budgeted separately as appropriations and aren't included within the Dept. of Defense capital. So the actual numbers are far worse than what's shown here.)
Combined paying for War, Disease and Debt: $2,717 billion ($2.7 trillion), which is 87% for this total expenditures by government employees government ($3.1 trillion).
How a person dig yourself out of this hole?
For every tax dollar you send to Washington (and powerful too . to donrrrt whole much of 'em), 87 cents gets spent on war, disease and credit. That leaves just 13 cents inside the dollar for roads, schools, parks, technology, science, the environment, adult education together with other programs.
If you spent 87% of your personal household income on war, disease and debt, leaving only 13 cents around dollar for food, clothing, transportation and entertainment, how much time would very own finances stay solvent? Not very long.
It doesn't take a financial genius to notice that the usa of America has dug itself to some financial trench so deep and so infected with really bad planning generally there is almost no way this may get on the market. As a result, the American people are increasingly bankrupt, diseased and homeless. (I predict an important wave of tent cities springing up across the American landscape as increasing numbers of Americans lose their jobs and their properties.)
'Mr. America' is burned out, stressed out, tapped out resulting in to be rubbed out.
It is simply matter power before economic reality makes its presence felt and the American people find their currency is phased out, too far.
An economic prison always keep your garden you trapped and penniless
It's clear to understand this from afar (from South America, in my case, home full time): America is living in the fantasy world, where the laws of economics also been (temporarily) suspended. There's no such thing as too much spending. No such thing as lots of prescription drugs or vaccines. No such thing as an excessive amount war. To make sure justifiable by the relentless fools in Washington who claim, 'We saved the market!'
Because, you see, are usually past the aim of dealing with reality in america. There will be no saving place from financial demise. You can have no meaningful health care reform. We will have no real changes that preserve your freedom maybe bank card. Instead, one hundred percent for this efforts can be focused on preserving the illusions that keep America artificially propped up want a morbid human puppet.
The new Congressional bills, the financial bailouts, the empty talk of health care reform -- these tend to be designed to distract you the sobering, unavoidable as well as simple truth: That you may be a slave, Neo. Like everyone else, you were born into bond, born inside a prison that you cannot smell, taste, or touch. A prison for your personal mind. [Recognize it?]
That prison keeps you working 60-hour weeks. It keeps you paying your taxes. It keeps you medicated and indoctrinated for a slobbering idiot who buys brand-name products because the logos seem somehow emotionally familiar (TV programming). It keeps you slaving away your precious hours, shoveling the fruits of your labor proper into a mindless, heartless machine of Big Government that has mortgaged your assets, sacrificed your health stolen your future.
And in today's economic climate a seductive motivation beckoning you to sacrifice added. If you only work another job, you are able to afford that giant TV screen you've always wanted. This is a credit card to make it easy, or just sign over your property. Here, take this vaccine shot for ones protection. Elect me, and I'll anyone with free healthcare. I'll stabilize the economy by spending future generations into yet more credit card. Don't worry about paying anything back. we'll let the next President cope with that.
The fraud continues, year after year, with new faces and names in the helm, but the same old failed thinking at the videos .. You cannot spend the best path to prosperity, you must SAVE your method there. You cannot make a population healthy by drugging more consumers. You cannot make peace by waging hostilities. And you cannot make a nation great by abandoning the real needs of individuals and selling out to corporations and also their lobbyists.
Sadly, while Mr. America was really healthy, thriving, hard-working individual, he's now a jobless, indebted medicated heart patient with a caffeine habit and an upside-down mortgage on your home he's about to lose. As well as the worst part is that the lawmakers in Washington are going to do everything in their power to ensure Mr. America stays that way.
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