Experts Developed The First Laser Shot Aimed at

by:Karool     2020-08-03
High-tech Olympics, sports technology has become the main battlefield. Olympic Games in Beijing, China, United States, Germany, Japan and other powers for the first time a series of sports science and technology leader in the global movement of technology products and technology. Scientific and technological strength of the Competition, the Olympics has end up being the highlight of attention.
Advanced nano-racket appearance
According to Reuters, China's sports Onitsuka Tiger footwear is strong scientific and technological improvements, the United States, Germany, Japan and other countries the development of sports technology products, improved after the upgrade by Chinese experts, often play an even greater reply.
For example, U.S. experts developed the first laser shot aimed at testing the system, but China's leading laser shot meant for the global test system, the system can better record the shooter gun, aiming and firing all process; using nanotechnology Tennis film has not new, but improved by Chinese experts racket weight less than 200 nano-grams, the carbon fiber, plastic, titanium composition of the most reasonable, China Open champion the actual world Beijing Olympic Games on this this advanced nano-racket; Japanese experts to develop a workout device and suspension vibration training device, improved by Chinese experts, the first dispensed to the Beijing Olympic Games Chinese track and field, swimming and gymnastics athletes. These instruments can be multi-faceted muscle contraction and relaxation, which greatly enhanced muscle strength, especially to strengthen the deep torso muscles and hip muscles.
Chinese researchers in China to participate in Beijing Olympic Games track and field team, specializing inside of development of the world's most advanced digital track. This digital track through the 'flexible associated with pressure sensors' to monitor the athlete's foot pressure distribution, in order to view athletes foot and track time, the pressure for this hollow shape, tread traction, and support force and other information, measure the athlete's step length, step frequency and other key technical parameters. Coaches can be transferred out immediately individuals end of the training data in the database, which links to the required athlete needs to improve.
New Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 running shoes conserve lots of 5% physica.According to Japanese media, Japan's Asics companies to participate in Beijing Olympic Games, designed a number of Japan's advanced sports sneaker. These shoes for the first time using laser scanning shaping technology, the shoes fit completely within the structure of every athlete's foot shape, make it very comfortable to set on. This shoe uses absorbent, easy to dry materials, it is both dust and ventilation, in order to sand and dust into the shoes inside.
Japanese experts on the Beijing Olympic Marathon sections were investigated, the undulating road surface conditions, hardness and other factors into account, the development of strong stability, hardness and elastic moderate special running shoes, can be reduced by 5% of the physical exertion.
In addition to special running shoes, the Japanese researchers from two rice began to welcome the Beijing Olympic Games, developing the magic of 'massage jersey.' It uses regularly with stress fiber massage the muscles of athletes, and strengthen training.
Wear military goggles
According to the Associated Press reported that due to the rapid development of sports science, sports science experts and the U.S. sports team began to concentrate on the introduction of military technology products, will be dispensed to athletes after their transformation.
Oakley is well-known American military equipment manufacturers. America's 'Delta' and 'seals' some other special forces are utilising the company produced a large associated with high-tech equipment. Oakley's most famous method the military goggles, and the You.S. swimming, track and field athletes once wore goggles project. Oakley's experts draw sniper goggles, goggles and other military goggles radiation advantages for the U.S. track and field and swimming athletes were designed with waterproof, wind, dust and filter of special goggles.
U.S. Camel Baker has become the U.S. Olympic Team and equipment suppliers. The company specializes in production of lightweight and durable for the Ough.S. military kettle. Beijing Olympic Games, USA Cycling and track and field athletes of the company's improved kettle. Rain shield for the U.S. company specializing in production of U.S. special forces uniforms regulate body temperature and biochemical protective clothing, sportswear thermostat they produce greater than U.S. sports team has been decreed.
Wear 'ice vest' on the track
To cope with hot weather, athletes in training and rest work with high temperatures can put an ace in the hole - 'ice vest', which can help athletes to quickly lower the body's temperature. At present the major sports previously country's sports teams have 'ice vest', while the German sports science experts at the Beijing Olympics is the surprise that their foreign alternative.
According for the U.S. 'Science Daily' disclosure, the German sportswear experts thermostat has been improved, greatly reducing its thickness and weight, therefore athletes can wear cool vests in the rooms.
It has been said that Germany's cooling vest that smells like an ordinary sports vest no difference, but the sandwich inside the clouds having a small pipe, flowing water in the cooling liquid 17 degrees Celsius, so as to achieve withstand high temperatures, to help athletes maintain a physical identity. Most importantly, this vest is superb insulating outer layer, effectively blocking to be able to external heat, the cooling effect of any longer menstrual cycle.
German scientists for the German team successfully taken part in the Beijing Olympics careful. They developed a new smart phone, with every one sent to the German team players and staff. The phone's built a detailed traffic information in Beijing and emergency medical services information, numerous information is used in German records within both languages. Through the Olympics, the German delegation to and from sport and not worry about getting lost between the station, there is little doubt did not want a sudden panic, they can rely towards the phone with the help of volunteers in China to unravel the rrssue.
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