Dubkidz Clothing With Founder Mikal Laster

by:Karool     2020-08-04
Man! It's been a long time coming, but My Dubkidz Clothing line has finally came!
I'm pretty much a 17 year-old kid that currently lives in Dallas,TX that decided to file for his own clothing line and I feels great because I'm so young making moves that a lot of kids my age aren't doing or don't know where to begin. So many artisans cool.
What inspired my Dubkidz clothing line brand and my logo is whole Electro, Drum and Bass and Dub-step scene. It had a big influence on our company, especially when blasting the sounds of 12th Plant and Netsky, that two of my personal favorite artist right at present.
I've always was going to do something which be known world wide and about 24 months ago this idea sprouted up in the head to design t-shirts and now i'm here today with my first line that just launched earlier this august.The hardest time for me was when There we were starting up. It took a while to get everything into place, while getting money for the shirts and all the legal licenses in order, but since I got that out of approach I'm all action moves now!
When people face obstacles, most one tend to say 'screw it' deliver up. The thing that kept me from doing which was Being patient and staying focused on my main goal of building up the company right and not skipping any ways. Something in my head told me to just never give up because I know God has something big planned for me in my life and wouldn't have given me this vision for pointless. In life you will face some adversities, but we must learn to turn Adversities into Goals and objectives!
Music! Music! Sound! = INSPIRATION! I must say music has a HUGE impact on my life, and this is the biggest inspiration for the Dubkidz Clothing line. I plan to get the Dubkidz name outside everywhere through music and do more events to promote the Dubkidz Clothing line, and expand it to accessories, art toys, and denim, hats even more
I'm glad that unlike most people I have a solid positive support team, and loyal friends (The Dubkidz Family) around me for support, as well as see that the Dubkidz clothing line sees the light of day
It's associated with strange, and incredibly lucky nevertheless i really did not have to do much to actually market my Dubkidz brand and put my name out there amongst my demographic. People just revealed about it, started talking bout it, then people naturally started spreading persons and it grew from there.
Man! Over from now . will. . . I desire to have At least two Dubkidz stores for Dubkidz always be sold internationally, as well as throwing huge electronic music events and still doing the things i love strive and do and inspiring others to do the quite.
I must say Most effective thing about running personalized company is I be able to call all of the shots make the styles, and of course I get to work for myself. I am our Boss.In Dubkidz, What I believe that goes and so i must say that is exceptional feeling.
What motivates me and keeps pushing me to maneuver further is Music and seeing the excitement of people when they purchase Dubkidz clothing and knowing particular day my line will be on top with the greats. The best lines are Neff, Rebel 8, Drop Dead, Obey, Benny Gold and Johnny Cupcakes, to see Dubkidz clothing up there with those great lines is my dream and a great motivation, so right now the main thing I'm focused on is getting the name out there, and releasing better new result.
I'm glad I have the opportunity to live on out my dream, since most people really never get to attempt to do the same, so I'm grateful for everything. I would like current thanks to First and foremost, God, my family, friends and fans out there who continue to support and promote the emblem and a big shout out to The Young Masterminds, Mikal Pradia and Rhett. Thank you very much !
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