choose cycling jerseys and cycling pants for the most comfortable ride

by:Karool     2020-05-11
Nowadays, most of us try to be more friendly to the environment. Cycling is undoubtedly an ecology.
Friendly way to walk around.
So why not ride a bike? Not only can you save the Earth by using the ecosystem
Friendly bikes, but you can also work out along the way!
When you start cycling, you can try a variety of sports related to cycling, including road racing, off-road cycling and even triathlon, including cycling, running and swimming.
When your fitness level has improved, you can start gently, assuming that you are also starting to enjoy your cycling, then you can make progress through various types of competitive sports cycling.
When taking part in cycling activities, it is best not to dive right away and buy the best cycling clothing or high matching clothing
End the triathlon sport bike but start with a cheaper option or start with a novice triathlon bike.
It\'s better to assemble your expensive professional bike accessories a little at a time and share the cost for a long time.
Obviously, after buying a bike, one particular item you should first buy is a bike hat that protects your head in the event of an accident.
Cycling sunglasses are also a good piece of equipment as they protect your eyes from other flight hazards such as insects and dust.
If you are going to a bike race, or you are just riding a lot of bikes, then wearing the right clothes will not only make you comfortable in the cold, it will be cool when the weather is hot, but professional bike clothing can make it easy for others to find you;
Therefore, your chances of being knocked down by a motor vehicle are much smaller.
Bike shoes will also vary depending on what kind of bike you have.
Road bike shoes are designed to hold your feet tightly and attach them to the pedals using splints, so it takes enough time to wear them and get used to them.
However, cycling shoes for triathlon races are designed to be able to wear and take off quickly, which is important because if you don\'t want to waste precious time, you need to get through the transition area efficiently.
The next dress under investigation is your bike pants with two varieties;
You can buy full length pants or shorts, both of which have a padded or padded plug-in for comfort.
Cycling pants can be loose or tight depending on your own personal preferences and the temperature you will be riding.
You can wear a fitting pair of pants under loose or loose pants to suit the cool weather.
There may be pockets behind the pants for snacks and drinks.
If you choose to wear shorts, you can also buy warm legs to keep your legs warm and dry in bad weather conditions.
Wearing longer bike pants is a good precaution to protect your legs, especially if you plan to leave --
A road with insufficient growth or a road down will scratch you.
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