Arthritis Awareness Jewelry

by:Karool     2020-08-10
How has the jewelry awareness trend evolved through the years?
Jewelry is widely used as ornaments to display wealth, but it is not uncommon to express sentiments through pieces that we wear. Queen Victoria popularized the use of mourning jewelry to let her subjects know that she was in deep grief for the lost of her consort, Prince Albert.
The eye-catching yellow silicone bracelet or wristband that became along with Lance Armstrong cannot be technically known as jewelry, but it served its purpose for increasing awareness and raising funds for cancer patients and survivors. It gained popularity in 2004 when Armstrong was battling cancer and also leadership in Tour de France. Yellow was the chosen color because in professional cycling, the victor is awarded with yellow jersey.
The worldwide success in the Armstrong campaign to fund cancer research inspired other organizations and charities to carry out the quite same. Some have done promotional campaigns to increase awareness of or to show support for one political party or nominee. Others have used wristbands to further social issues or environmental causes. Now, the same jewelry awareness trend is catching on among individuals who show support for patients or people who are themselves impacted by the order. The goal of the campaign, like those advocated by makers of arthritis awareness jewelry, is to teach people over the disease and to encourage to be able to support research efforts as a result of cure.
What is arthritis?
Arthritis can be a broad term for any pain which can be experienced inside an or several joints. Because its symptoms are commonplace and generally similar to other joint conditions, arthritis in misdiagnosed or left undiscovered. Forty six million Americans and counting are referred to as arthritic, and over half persons are people under 65 who believe that nothing else can be completed to all of them.
Despite it being an ordinary malady, arthritis is an area of study that is yet in order to become explored a greater distance. Even with sophisticated advances in joint science, arthritis is one condition is actually not surprisingly least understood. An example of which can rheumatoid arthritis (RA), several grouped conditions affecting the joints but manifest in symptoms that can be easily confused with the other diseases. No preventive measures have been established yet for this arthritis category because this particular area still really needs to be extensively fleshed out.
How can the arthritis awareness jewelry help patients and their families?
This awareness jewelry campaign intends to lend support to arthritis sufferers and research efforts to expand the current boundaries of internet data on how to not just treat arthritis, but preventing it from happening the first time around. Further, more affordable treatment programs have not yet been designed, because existing treatment protocols for RA require specialized expertise, equipment and medication. Public support for arthritis research will definitely go some distance in developing treatment alternatives that are affordable and effective. Hopefully, this will make sufferers believe that arthritis could be managed to accomplish quality everyday.
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