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by:Karool     2020-07-07
UA goods features mostly on its professional function. Plank was an athlete before however instead of a famous star, he was a normal player in a football team on the inside University of Maryland. Plank told us that he was almost the most sweating player in the team, however, the sports clothes made of cotton were too hard to keep us comfortable after sweating and it affected athletes' performance. Determination up his mind then to select a kind of material good in sweat-absorbent and found a sports goods brand good for athletes performance. The moisture-wicking series of tight and quick-drying sportswear first launched by UA was later copied by Nike, Reebok and organizations.
Standing out in several sports brands found then when channel and other resources were not yet advanced, UA products were chased by especially professional athletes and young distinct person. Nowadays, the UA's market share is 75% to left Nike and Adidas behind in U.S professional sports apparel market while as for your professional sports goods market including sports shoes, it is 31% after 36% of Nike.
We will still to keep its DNA in China based online shop. Plank said that learning through the market research, UA's biggest advantages compared relatively to its competitors is not the perfect U.S phenomenon however in the entire sporting goods industry. Our products attract so much for those persons who dream enhance their performance as well as win the event. UA hopes to spread an idea in China that is athletes not only refer to people in the arena but everyone.
Large-scale of brand entering into China will face risk since Chinese companies are not mature enough now to make professional and subdivided brands develop well. Chinese consumer attitude has not evolved to the stage of being concerned more about product itself. A people working in a regional sporting goods company tells us may possibly develop if it reply on good channel businessman.
We will not open about hundred shops in China next year. Plank does not open Chinese market in a hurry. Correspondingly, UA considers the target consumer ranging from 12 to 25 years or so old young persons who will emerge as most important customers in the society 10 years tomorrow. How to make consumers think that ought to only UA compared to other sports brands when they are dealing with these stores. Really should not open shops blindly if can't clarity it.
As the general manager of UA in China, Majin Yao tells us that the sales growth rate is 300% now the actual it was few months ago opened because the first UA shop in Guanghui square. Insiders reveales that the monthly sales of the particular shop which is less than 30 square meters features 300,000 Yuan and it is sales per square meter is compared to the industry average figure.
There will be three to five shops being open by UA in Shanghai and Beijing in 2012. Including the first store in choosing its address, the early UA shops in order to chosen in industry landmark building in important cities for reaching more customers sake.
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