Any export certifications on compression sportswear ?
In order to expand market globally, KAROOL SPORTS&LEISUREWEAR CO.,LTD has several credentials on compression sportswear . With the expansion of the Internet, we have now started to compete on a global scale. Exporting products largely contributes to increasing our profits. And our product has gained a great reputation globally.

Now, KAROOL has received much attention because of its famous speed suit swimming. The soccer kits is one of the main products of KAROOL. The raw materials of KAROOL running vest go through a strict screening. With an engineering design, the product makes people comfortable. The product features the desired operation safety. During its operation, it is not prone to electrical hazards such as short circuit and current leakage. Its anti-odor technology prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes.

In order to protect the planet from exploitation and conserves natural resources, we try to upgrade our production, such as adopting sustainable materials, reducing wastes, and reusing materials.
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