A person Can Be Invisible While Cycling

by:Karool     2020-07-29
Did you know you can be totally invisible when cycling. I was taking an morning drive along a residential street with bike lanes where one fall day. I recently found a group of eight cyclists whom I could hardly make out from the dim light speeding along. They counseled me wearing very nice matching but totally black cycling outfits, including the jackets and tights. This group was very stylish and really they looked good, but for safety this stealth cycling group was almost invisible to any drivers.
During early morning bicycle commuting or recreational riding (as it does not get light ahead of time this time of year) you simply cannot be seen, you are effectively stealth cyclists which is a hazard to yourself the point that this the motorists. Is actually always amazing how many cyclists do not seem to realize this. I guess they figure if they can see the cars, the drivers can see them, not true.
Let's review your choice of cycling clothing and equipment:
Cycling tights - okay I discover why they are black, mine are too because they just look better.
Jacket - what puts you wearing a black or a dark color fleece? What about changing your colors and wearing a popular screaming yellow, red or even a lime green jumper? I have heard that some cyclists consider these colors tacky, but safety is no joking matter, I prefer to stand out and be perceived.
Bicycle lighting - in a totally unscientific survey where I stood by side of the road and watched bicycle commuters one morning I can report the following. Having one dim headlight and one red rear light just doesn't do it, you cannot rise to the top. The most visible riders were those who had two flashing red rear lights including one that is attached to their helmet. Their front again a bright LED headlight or two perfect. It is the law in many cities to have bike lights when riding at event.
Reflectors - having reflective safety strips on your bike and clothing separated itself the best when cars when discovered by the headlights of passing motorbikes. Again, in some regions involved with the law to produce reflectors when riding at night.
Vests - some cyclists wear those neon yellow and orange vests. The vests themselves helped only slightly, but it was the reflective strips on them that worked.
Brighten up, wear some color rrn your jacket, add some lights and several reflectors and lets get rid these stealth cycling areas.
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