5 reasons to wear padded bike shorts

by:Karool     2020-05-09
As the name suggests, padded bike shorts are shorts made specifically for cycling.
Unlike regular bike shorts, these bike shorts have extra material and padding to protect your back and surrounding areas, which allows you to ride further, faster and painlessly.
The crotch and back of the thickened bike shorts have a large chamois or synthetic pad which makes them look bulky and a bit odd.
These bike shorts are not flattering, but believe me, the Mat works absolutely well and works well, so it\'s worth buying one. 1)
Padded bike shorts can keep you comfortable and prevent saddle pain, it can be said that you can wear any clothes suitable for cycling, but wearing the right clothes will make cycling more enjoyable.
I\'m sure you already know that bike shorts are designed specifically for bike Sports, which means they fit your legs and they are good and tight but still allow you to move, they are stitched in places where the stitches do not rub and cause discomfort and pain.
Spending time on the saddle can cause real pain in the back, which is often referred to as saddle pain.
It is possible to increase your tolerance for saddle pain, but it takes time, effort and pain.
Instead of increasing your tolerance for saddle pain, wear padded bike shorts to fight it, which will keep your back and surrounding areas comfortable and painless. 2)
Padded bike shorts are made from Leica, a tight fit material that is perfect for your skin.
Despite the fact that the Raqqa is tight, it is light and resilient and allows you to move around freely.
In fact, if your padded bike shorts fit well, you will soon forget you wore them.
Because the bike shorts with padding are tight, they are aerodynamic and there is little material in the wind that can cause you to create resistance and slow down.
Wearing loose shorts will not only slow you down, but will also make it more difficult to ride a bike, which will make you go out faster.
So if you want to ride faster in a longer period of time and spend less energy, you should invest in a good padded bike shorts. 3)
Padded bike shorts provide protection in crashes one thing you have to appreciate when you ride is that you will crash at some point.
No matter how good a cyclist you think you are, or how careful you are, one day you will crash and fall off your bike.
The road surface is rough and can hurt, cut and tear the skin.
Also, the trail is equally dangerous and harmful, so you need to protect your skin at any time.
A padded bike shorts provide a thick layer of protection that protects your skin from the road or trail when you fall. 4)
Padded bike shorts look good, padded bike shorts are not flattering, they do look weird when you leave the bike and usually walk around, but different things when you are on the bike and in the saddle
No doubt it looks good when you are wearing bike shorts.
You will feel good if you look good, and if you feel good, your performance will improve and you will be faster.
It\'s all psychological. 5)
Padded bike shorts do not have to be expensive padded bike shorts made by \"pop\" and \"fashion\" companies, and the price can be very expensive, over $ hundred.
However, thickened bike shorts do not have to be expensive for comfort and protection.
Contrary to what is widely believed, there are many affordable bike shorts that are comfortable, protective and value for money.
You just have to go out and find them.
So, we have it.
There are five reasons why you should buy a padded bike shorts.
If you spend a lot of time in the saddle, or go to work by bike, ride a bike for fun, or just go out for a long ride with your family. For more comfort, check out some padded bike shorts.
Once you \'ve experienced a padded bike shorts, you won\'t be back in regular shorts any more.
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